Elaine Starrett

Elaine Starrett began her career as an artist shortly after moving to Maui in 1991. While painting on location, she was approached by a tourist who asked to purchase her painting. So delighted and inspired by this event, she began her path towards the life of an artist.

Elaine was born in Palo Alto, CA, and received her education in art and graphic design at Foothill and De Anza Colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked as a graphic artist for several years, then moved to Carmel, CA where she worked and helped managed an art gallery for two years. Surrounded by art and beauty, she gained much knowledge and even more desire to paint herself. Having visited Maui several times and loving the warm weather, she accepted a job offer in an art gallery, and Maui became her home for 19 years.

Elaine has exhibited and been a featured artist in many galleries on Maui, as well as displaying and selling her own work. Her work has been collected by people from all over the world and has graced the walls of every state in our country. She was a member of The Lahaina Arts Society for over ten years and participated in the weekly, “Art in the Park” event held under the legendary Banyon Tree. There she displayed, demonstrated and successfully sold her art. Additionally, she gave weekly painting classes to guests of several resort hotels as well as privately in her own studio.

Elaine paints in acrylics and oils and particularly enjoys creating abstracts. She also enjoys her painterly “Heavenscapes”, which have more recognized subject matter. Her focus is color, mood, and feeling that create dream-like images evoking peace and tranquility.

Elaine currently makes Palm Springs, CA her home.


Elaine can be contacted through EFA using the form on our Contact Page.

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