In which the wind shifted, and our course changed…

Greetings, Art Lover!

Last year was a rough one. Tyson spent many months unable to use his dominant arm due to a work-related injury, and I ended up with so much work from my personal business that it kept me from being able to manage our promotions with any consistency. After a host of technical issues plagued us for well over a year with our e-commerce provider, we decided to shutter the Estes Fine Art reprints business for the time being.

We’re currently using this space as it began: a place to showcase the works of Tyson Estes. We are also looking forward to launching a designer and rental program in summer 2019.

Most of the artists we promoted during our brief foray into art reprints have works that are available directly from them, or through other retailers. If you have any questions about how you can connect with artists you liked, but may have missed out on, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

We’d love it if you’d stay tuned in and join our mailing list so we share news and upcoming EFA events.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

With love and light and lots of color,

T & J

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