Karlsen Clay

Karlsen Clay is a Los Angeles-based artist primarily known for his ironic character portrayals of West Hollywood and the surrounding film and fashion industries. Using hand-cut paper and paint markers as a medium, his work ranges from whimsical portraits to architectural centerpieces.
“My work, through both its content and medium, contrasts our idea of perfection by portraying commercially attractive characters in a light of vulnerability. Like our movie stars and models, I dress my work in a new frame, display it over an attractive backdrop, then present it under gallery lights. Inevitably, it projects a stark confidence. It isn’t until one approaches the piece and explores it up close that the countless imperfections and the artist’s hesitated cuts become evident.

“I draw inspiration from my surrounding friends and neighbors — a community of displaced people who celebrate their insecurities and continue to educate this artist in unadulterated understanding that things are never as they appear on the surface.”   — Karlsen Clay


Visit Karlsen Clay’s website for more images of installations and additional collections.

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