Kittens of Industry

Kittens Of Industry is the artful alter ego of the creative sorceress known as Jaime Torraco. Kittens Of Industry’s art seeks to imagine new fantasy worlds for those who feel at odds in their current realities.  Jaime Kittens focuses on very pointed use of color, patterns, original characters, and metaphor to weave subtle stories while also leaving room for the viewer to lead with their own imagination.

As a lifelong artist with experience working in a variety of mediums, Jaime has collected myriad past experiences and influences, including the natural world, an intense love of music and books, old cartoons, children’s book illustrations, vintage psychedelia, the lowbrow art movement, and a dash of punk rock aesthetic and filtered these through a colorful, whimsical, visual lens to create art that she hopes will entertain and make people smile.

After a childhood spent drawing and creating, Jaime earned a BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University in 2005, and has been building an art career professionally since that time.  Jaime currently lives in DeKalb, Illinois with her twin of this Golden Eternity, Chris Crash, and their cat, BabyNoodles.

Kittens Of Industry provides well-crafted, professional art and design services in various styles and mediums, and is available for all manner of creative projects, including illustrations, designs, murals, commissions, even wearable art. If you have an ideas you’d like to see come to life, just ask!

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